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With digital transformation and digitizing businesses comes the possibility of superior utilization of the data we acquire. The IoT, a central segment of Industry 4.0, is a crucial tool to capture insights from a vast network of touchpoints and aggregate them in a shared system. The IoT software development services cover requirements engineering, architecture design, platform, user app creation, testing, and support. We use them to enhance your business. We deliver robust IoT solutions that optimize business process and improves work safety. With ample expertise in IoT development and a mature approach to IoT project management, LI-MAT Soft Solutions will deliver a full-fledged IoT solution while keeping your development costs on point. We use a modular IoT architecture that provides for quick vertical and horizontal scale-up and allows adding new functional modules or expanding the latest functionality to new device models with reasonable effort.

What is IOT-Development

The Internet of Things allows you and your company to integrate devices in different processes into a standard computer network. Be it an intelligent office or innovative home solution, tracking system, or healthcare device for supply chain management, IoT technology can improve workflows, get data about device performances, and much more. It would be best to dive deep into IoT development to take advantage of such systems. It is a procedure for matching hardware development with software development.

IoT product delivery consists of three sequential stages:

  • Integrating the software and device with the entire work environment is crucial to start verifying assumptions with natural prototype functions.
  • Testing device functions, connection, and software with the required environment helps determine whether all business assumptions are met.
  • Adapting the prototype to industrial production. Based on the required cost for the production process and device dimensions, we design a device specialized for production.

Our IOT Development Services

  • IoT Hardware Design
  • IoT Firmware Integration

    Our firmware development service includes fully customized board support, application-specific operations programming, and the development of protocol components to interact with the device hardware. We also perform optimization of firmware memory architecture to fit into the memory constraints of the chipset. We have expertise in Custom firmware, Android Firmware, and Linux Firmware.

  • Mobile Apps for IoT devices

    Our IoT app developers provide various services, from product conceptualization to ongoing IoT development services. Being a renowned IoT development company, we build custom IoT apps specific to our clients. As a reliable IoT app development company, we consider security an integral part of IoT hardware design and development.

  • IoT Dashboards
  • Edge Computing
  • Custom IoT Product Development

    We create custom IoT software that communicates with smart IoT devices and ensures that the software seamlessly supports the hardware functionality.

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